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How Do I Know If It Is Time To Repaint My Home In St. Louis, MO Yet?

How Do I Know If It Is Time To Repaint My Home In St. Louis, MO Yet?

When you are looking at ways to improve the look of your home, repainting might be one thing that you could do.

You may find that repainting your home is not actually necessary, as it just may not be quite necessary — but how do you figure it out?

Today let us look at and consider how to know if it is time to repaint your home in St. Louis, MO yet.

Examine The House

You’re going to need to inspect the exterior of your home and make sure that you take the time to see it from as many angles as you can, looking at it up close and considering not just how you see it but how a prospective buyer would see it.

Does the paint work look worn at all — or faded?

That alone might just be a good reason that you should consider repainting your home.

Paint Issues

When you look at the paint work, do you see any kinds of signs of paint problems that need to be addressed?

Some major problems that have to be addressed include things like bubbling on the surface of your home exterior as well as an alligator like effect and even a chalk like appearance on the exterior.

All of these paint issues have their root causes — like the bubbling on the surface that generally comes about because the exterior paintwork was done in temperatures that are not appropriate for exterior painting, and other issues that come about because you may have not prepared the exterior of the house properly prior to painting.

It is worth remembering that when you paint or repaint the exterior of your home, there are important factor to take into account prior to starting including the outside temperature as well as things like if it is raining or snowing — all of these things would make for a paint job that would go less than well if they are in place.

The preparation of the paint work is just as important — you need to properly clean, sand, prime, and paint the exterior of your home if you wish for the paint work to go well — and it helps if you use the right techniques when doing so.

How Long Since The Last Paint Job

It’s fundamentally important that you consider the age of your paint work — and if you don’t know the exact age of the paint work, it is worth investigating and finding out when the house was last painted.

On average, depending on the kind of paint that was used, the quality of the paint, as well as if the paint had qualities that were meant to to lengthen the life of the paint work (such as having specific built in SPF protection, for example) you might be looking at a paint life of anywhere from five to ten years.

If you see that it has been coming up on the age of your paint work based on the calculation you have made (see above) you might want to consider repainting your home.

The reason that you will want to repaint your home sooner than the ‘expiration date’ as it were of your exterior paint is that by repainting sooner than not, you will actually save quite a bit of money during the course of your re-painting.

One might think that this could not be the case — how would painting more frequently cost less than painting less frequently?

The reason that this is the case is that by waiting too long to repaint your home, you start to run into some of the painting problems such as the ones listed above — and even when you don’t run into problems like those, you will find that the preparation steps needed to get your home ready for paintwork will take longer and be considerably more involved.

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