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7 Tricks To Keeping Your Kitchen Clean While Painting Cabinets in St. Louis, MO

7 Tricks To Keeping Your Kitchen Clean While Painting Cabinets in St. Louis, MO

When you look at a painting project as complicated as a kitchen cabinet, it seems almost inevitable that you will make a bit of a mess — but this does not have to be.

If you approach the painting project with the right attitude and information, you can paint your cabinets without it being too messy.

With that being the case, here are seven tricks to keeping your kitchen clean while painting cabinets in St. Louis, MO.

1. Planning The Painting Work In Advance

The best way that you can get your work started and make sure that you don’t cause a mess along the way is to fully plan out the painting project that you have ahead of you.

What this generally entails is taking measurements and then figuring out based on the measurements how much paint you are going to need to paint the cabinets as well as a timeline from the moment you lay down protective materials until you finish painting and allow your cabinets to fully dry.

By taking these measures you can be sure that you will have enough paint to get the work done and that you have the right protective material so that spilled or dripped paint doesn’t end up on the ground or countertops.

2. Taking Your Time While Painting

Though it might not seem immediately obvious, not taking your time while you are painting your kitchen cabinets can lead to some of the biggest messes, in addition to necessitating the repainting of areas of the cabinets that were not properly done.

When you paint too quickly, you can splash paint about and also get paint on the cabinets in places where you were not intending it to be — so by moving more carefully and deliberately, you can achieve a better paint job and avoid a mess.

3. Removing Doors And Drawers Before Painting

Removing the doors to your kitchen cabinets as well as the drawers is another fairly simple way to keep your painting project cleaner.

One good thing about removing these is that it is a lot easier and neater to paint them when they are not attached.

Moreover, you will benefit from these not being attached because they will not get in the way of your painting the cabinets, which will make it so that it is less likely that you could make a mess while painting.

4. Not Painting Out Of Paint Buckets

Though it might seem like such a simple thing — skipping the process of taking only the paint you’ll be using at the time and painting directly from the bucket of paint instead — it could lead to an awful mess.

Just the act of relocating the paint bucket as you are using it could cause spillage, which if it gets to the wrong place — and if that happens, it could be quite difficult to clean.

5. Cleaning Sanding Dust After Sanding

When you sand your kitchen cabinets, you can count on a lot of sanding dust — and if it is not properly cleaned, it can ultimately get mixed in with your primer and even your paint as you paint the cupboard,

You can use a slightly moist cloth to clean up the sanding dust that you don’t get through traditional vacuuming — just make sure to allow time for the cabinets to dry when you are done.

You can even use a dry dust-cloth to dry the surface of the cabinets prior to painting just to be sure.

6. Not Thinning The Paint

Thinning the paint sounds like a way to make a little bit go a long way but it makes everything worse, painting wise.

The issues are many and you will find yourself more easily making a mess with the cabinets.

7. Don’t Skimp On Paint Brushes

You might think that the dollar spot would be the perfect place to get paint brushes, but this is not the case.

Lower quality paint brushes will often not paint as evenly, and in some cases paint rollers will shed some of the roller material while you paint, making for a rather messy paint job.

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