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7 Ideas For Painting Your Child’s Bedroom in St. Louis, MO

7 Ideas For Painting Your Child’s Bedroom in St. Louis, MO

When you’re looking to remodel your home, your child’s bedroom may be one possible place to consider.

There are so many different ways one could paint a child’s bedroom but it can be difficult to choose the right kind of theme for your child — of course, every child is different but you may want to discuss with them some ideas before settling on one (until the next time they want a change in theme.)

With this being the case, let us look at and consider seven ideas for painting your child’s bedroom in St. Louis, MO.

1. Beach

It’s a pleasant experience for any family to go out to the beach for a day or even a weekend.

With a beach theme to your child’s bedroom, you can paint one wall to look like it has a nice view of the ocean, and the other walls to look as though they have other views of the beach such as a boardwalk and other things you might see on the beach.

Even if you don’t often get out to go to the beach, having the bedroom look like one is a good upgrade.

2. Video Game Characters

If your child is fond of video games (and nowadays a lot of kids are fond of them) you can get their room to resemble one or more of their favorite games.

You can even go simple and just paint some of the characters from their favorite games, perhaps even going as far as to paint the avatars that they use in video games such as Minecraft or even Roblox.

3. Theme Park

Of course your child may not have a favorite theme park just yet but it’s entirely possible that they might have one that they like based on a trip that you have taken.

You can have your child’s room painted to look entirely like a theme park so that even during the times of the year that you don’t get to travel to them, you can imagine that you are going there.

4. Zoo

A trip to the zoo can be just the thing to entertain and amuse your children — they can learn about the different animals of the area and in some cases from around the world depending on the ability of the local zoo to get animals from other parts of the world.

The beauty of a zoo painted in your child’s bedroom is that you don’t even have to be limited to animals that are alive in the world — you can have even animals that are extinct or exist only in your imagination!

5. Ice Cream Shop

There are few places that a child will say no to quite like an ice cream shop — asking a child to go to the ice cream shop will nearly never get you an answer of anything other than “Absolutely!”

Imagine painting the interior of your child to look like a classic ice cream shop — the time that they could have fun imagining that they work there and are making ice cream treats for their friends can be fantastic.

6. Space

Children and parents alike can have a certain appreciation for space — there’s so much of it out there and you can just stare out into it, through a telescope or even with the naked eye, at all of the beauty that exists in the stars above us.

Painting the walls of the bedroom to resemble space can make for a terrific experience when your child is going to bed and if you add the ceiling to it all with glow in the dark paint being used for the stars and other beautiful things one sees in space — including some fictional ones if you so please!

7. Farm

Of course it’s not every child that tells you that they yearn to go to the farm, but it may be just that they haven’t had any experience with places doing pick your own produce weekends.

If your child or children are so inclined, you can paint their bedrooms to resemble a farm with things like crops on the wall, or even just fields of grain or images of farm buildings.

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