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5 More Things To Do To Boost Curb Appeal in St. Louis, MO

5 More Things To Do To Boost Curb Appeal in St. Louis, MO

When it comes to improvements to your home, there are many things that you can do to improve both how your home is perceived by passers-by, as well as how it is considered when people are looking to place a value on your home.

One major factor that we have discussed in this blog space is the notion of curb appeal, which can be improved upon by investing in improvements to your home exterior such that people who see it from the street can really appreciate how much the home is worth.

Let us look at and consider five more things to do to boost curb appeal in St. Louis, MO.

1. Add Lighting To Your Porch

When you are sitting on your porch enjoying the house in which you are living, do you ever struggle or strain to read a good paperback book as a result of there being next to no lighting on the porch, and it being close to midnight on a Friday night?

You should consider the idea of improving upon the lighting on your porch, or adding lighting at all if for some reason you don’t have any lighting on the porch — some people might just think that it’s enough to have a light coming from the inside of the house, but this is not at all the case.

2. Add Railing Leading Up To Your Doors

This is not going to be quite all that useful if your home entrance is entirely flat — though it could be useful to have some railing leading up to your home just as a sort of precautionary thing to allow people to walk out of your home with greater ease.

If you have any stairs leading up to your home whatsoever, it’s important to have some kind of railing there such that it’s easier for people, particularly those who have trouble getting up stairs, to get up there and into your home.

3. Improved Mailbox

Your mailbox doesn’t have to be just a simple way for letting the mail carrier know where they’re going to be able to place the mail that is meant for you.

You can communicate a lot about yourself and your personality based on how your mailbox looks — a person who is really interested in cows can, for example, have a mailbox in the shape of a cow.

This very thing is the kind of thing that can rather unfortunately backfire if you’re not careful and don’t think about what your ultimate buyer may have in mind should you want to sell your house at some point down the line.

4. Seasonal Potted Plants

It likely sounds odd to think about potted plants being on your front porch or even in your walkway leading up to your house, but if you think about it, it is something that adds up

Seasonal plants are nice in that they remind people of what the season is and gets them right into that seasonal mood, as it were.

Another major benefit that you will have with potted plants is that when you are done with your need for them, you can easily swap them out for the kind of seasonal plant that is more appropriate for the time of the year in which you are planting.

5. Take Care Of The Lawn

There are those of course who will tell you that the best kind of thing you can grow in your yard is food and not lawns, but if you already are growing grass, you should do it well.

This means that you should trim the grass when it reaches a certain height and you should also be careful to regularly rake the leaves that come to be on your yard such that you don’t have grass that goes from green and healthy to brown and suffocating, and it might just be a good idea for you to take the preventive measure of keeping the grass healthy rather than to plant all over again.

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