5 Ways To Match The Colors In Your Home in St. Louis, MO

5 Ways To Match The Colors In Your Home in St. Louis, MO

When you’re involved in a painting project in or around your home, you sometimes want to re-paint an area and have the paint look like what was there already, color-wise.

Matching paint can be a tricky thing as there are so many colors available for paint out there that in some cases, you may never get a precise and perfect match for the paint color that you have on your wall — especially if time has faded the color and it is no longer what it once was.

With that being the case, here are five ways to match the colors in your home in St. Louis, MO

1. Eye The Color

If you’re okay with the color that you get matching the existing color only to some extent, you can basically look at the color that you have in your home and when you get to the paint supply store, choose a color that looks like that one.

When you get home you will realize that you don’t have an exact match, but if that doesn’t bother you, this is a viable option.

2. Take Home Color Sheets

When you are at the paint store, there are printed cards that show examples of what the paint looks like that you can then take home and match up against the paint in or outside of your home.

While this too is not a precise match for the color that you may have and it may take going back to get a few more such cards, it may be a better match than just looking at the color at home and making an educated guess.

3. Use A Color Matching App

On most popular smartphones available now, you can get apps that will tell you the color of the paint you input via the camera.

The apps rely on there being certain lighting conditions when you use it, so make sure that it is not too dark in the room when you use the app or if you are outside, use it during the daytime for better color matching results.

4. Bring In A Picture

If you don’t have a smartphone accessible, you can take a standard photo and either digitally transmit it to the paint store or have it printed and take that to the store.

At the store, they should be able to analyze the photo and get a color that matches the one in the photo fairly well.

If you do end up printing the photo, try to take the photo under natural lighting conditions and to not use a flash on the photo as this will fundamentally change the color that comes across in the photo.

5. Scrape A Sample

Lastly, you may want to just scrape a sample of the paint itself and take it to the paint supply store.

A good paint supply store should have access to a device that can analyze a paint sample and determine what color matches that color among the paints that they have available for purchase.

Bottom Line : It May Have To Be Just A Close Match

No matter what technique you use to analyze the paint color you have in your home, there’s a possibility that the color you get will not precisely match the one you already have.

This is because certain paint companies have tints that only they have, and so you would only be able to get that precise tint from them — so if you were involved with the original paint job, it is worth keeping the information on the paint you used for future re-painting!

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