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7 Things To Do To Boost Curb Appeal in St. Louis, MO

7 Things To Do To Boost Curb Appeal in St. Louis, MO

When you own a house, one thing that you might think about is your long term ownership — do you plan on living in that house for the long run, or do you ever want to think about selling it?

For people who eventually want to sell their houses, one thing that is helpful is doing little or even big things to boost their curb appeal — curb appeal being the perceived value of the house as seen by a passerby-er on the sidewalk or even a person driving by the house.

With that being the case, here are seven things to do to boost curb appeal in St. Louis, MO.

1. Paint The Front Door

Though it may seem like a really simple thing, painting your front door can do great things in terms of boosting your curb appeal.

The trick to the matter is when it comes time to choose the color you will use for painting your front door.

Though your front door doesn’t necessarily have to look exactly like the rest of your house, you can get it to look fantastic by having a nice bright contrasting color that looks good with the rest of your house.

2. Put Seating On Your Front Porch

As great as your front porch may be, it will be greatly enhanced if you have some kind of seating on it.

People seeing your front porch with its available seating as a big positive, as it is a really nice experience, just sitting on the front porch particularly on a pleasant fall or summer evening, enjoying being.

Seating on your front porch is a good way to boost your curb appeal.

3. Enhanced House Number

If there’s one thing that’s a bit annoying, it’s when someone is trying to find your house and it’s difficult because your house number is incredibly small on your house.

When you enhance your house number by making it bigger than the standard house number or make it stand out in other ways, you not only help people find your home more easily but you do a great job on boosting your curb appeal.

Having a more easy to read house number is great for both friends and potential buyers alike.

4. Clean The Roof

A clean roof is the kind of roof that announces that the house is very likely a healthy house, and a roof that is covered in dirt or even just a bunch of leaves tells the passer-by the exact opposite.

Leaving leaves be on your roof is a path to disaster in the form of the rot that comes with it and eventually the holes that develop in your roof, which of course will in the long term lead to water seeping into your home and causing major damage.

Periodically cleaning your roof will prevent this and make your home look much better — even from a distance.

5. Trimming The Trees

It’s quite incredible the difference that can be made when you look at a home that has trees in the yard that have been properly trimmed and a home with trees that have just gone wild and grow all over the place.

The difference is of course that the former house looks significantly better than the latter house.

You can bet that something as simple as a tree trimming will go a long way to boost your curb appeal.

6. Build Or Expand Your Walkway

Visitors to your home have to walk up a walkway to reach your front door, and if the walkway is non-existent or tiny and unaccommodating, people will not say anything but will surely think it.

By building or expanding your walkway, you make the walk up to your home a more pleasant experience — and if you add the kind of lights that charge during the day and light up at night, it will be better for people who visit you in the evening.

Additionally, of course, it is good for your curb appeal.

7. Paint The House

Possibly the most involved on this list, painting your house can certainly go a long way to boosting your curb appeal.

Though it is a longer and more difficult project, it may be just what you need to get people interested in buying your home.

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