Interior Painting In St. Louis, MO: Using White Paint the Right Way

Interior Painting In St. Louis, MO: Using White Paint the Right Way

When people look to paint the interior of their homes, one of the first questions that comes up is what color they will be using for their walls.

There are plenty of people in this situation who will immediately think to go to what they think is the easiest color for painting their wall — white.

What those people do not realize is just how vastly complicated one color can be — white, that is.

With that in mind, let us look at interior painting in St. Louis, MO: Using white paint the right way.

The Wrong White Doesn’t Even Look White

As odd as it might sound, if you use the wrong shade of white for the room you are painting, you will ultimately end up having walls that don’t even look a bit white!

The reason that this is the case is that the kind of white you use in painting your interior walls is quite sensitive to light and this includes the light that seems to come from the moon — so the wrong shade of white on your walls will look white depending on the lighting and yellow in other lighting.

Some would have you believe that white is not such a varied color in terms of shades but there are estimates that there are at least a hundred and fifty shades — so you need to make sure that if you want to use white, you’re using the right one for your room!

The Best Way To Test White Paint In A Room

Traditionally, the way to test out colors and to see if we like them for painting a room is to take a small chip that has been painted with the paint we have chosen and to try to see how it stands in the context of the room where it will go.

This can work with white as well, but there is a far better way to do it, as suggested by color consultant Donald Kaufman — he says that if you can get a sizable rectangle of the color of your choice, you will have a far better time determining if that particular white looks right in your space.

Try The Museum?

According to Assistant Professor of Interior Design Laura McGarity, if you really want a good assessment of how you feel surrounded by certain shades of white, you can try going to the museum.

Of course, just because you like the white that you find in a museum doesn’t mean that it necessarily will work out well in your home space.

Again, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get a large sample and try it out in the room where you are looking to get the walls painted and see how it looks under different light conditions, including at night.

There’s no rush to pick a shade of white — if you take longer but ultimately get a paint that looks best (for you) it is well worth the time that you spend looking for it.

How Much Light Will Be Coming Into Your Room

The more windows you have in your room, the more light you will have in that room during the day and therefore you don’t need to have such a pure white because it will be bright already on account of the windows.

If you have fewer windows or the windows aren’t much of a source of light, you will want a more pure white because conversely, there will not be so much light coming in from outside.

This all comes down to the fact that white is an extremely reflective color — the most reflective color, actually, in contrast to black which is the color that absorbs all light.

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