6 Things Professionals Do To Save Money Exterior Painting in St. Louis, MO

6 Things Professionals Do To Save Money Exterior Painting in St. Louis, MO

Exterior painting is a necessary thing that comes about once every several years, first when a home is built and then as necessary when the exterior is either in need of an update or when the paint has faded and needs to be fixed.

The issue is that exterior painting can be quite an expensive endeavor, but the good news is that it doesn’t always have to be, particularly if you follow some key tips and ideas.

With that in mind let us now look at six things that professionals do to save money exterior painting in St. Louis, MO.

1. Repaint More Often Than You Might Think Necessary

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, if you wait too long to repaint your exterior it will ultimately cost significantly more than if you paint on a more regular basis.

The key tip to not waiting too long is to make sure you paint well before the paint on the exterior is extremely flaked and peeling.

The reason that this is going to cost you so much more money, in the long run, is the fact that when paint gets so worn that it appears to be that flaked, it means that the time that will be necessary to prepare the surface will astronomically increase.

A worn-out exterior surface could require over thirty hours of preparation work and a much less worn out exterior surface only might need closer to ten.

2. Strategically Consider The Use Of Color

When you are looking to change the color of your home, make sure if you are hoping to save money to use colors that are not too dissimilar from the existing colors of the house.

If you have a dark-colored house, for example, you will not want to go to a light color unless you are okay with spending quite a lot of money in primer and the time that it will take to paint the house a few layers worth of paint.

The closer your new color is to the existing color of the house, the easier it will be, the less time it will take, and ultimately the less money it will cost to paint.

3. Mistints Cost Less

What is a mistint?

A mistint, in this case, is where you go to a paint store and they have gallons of paint wherein the color that the customer wanted ended up not being exactly what they got.

The store, when this happens, is eager to sell you the paint because it is such a specific color that one person thought they wanted, and most often nobody will pick up the color other than someone smart like you who is trying to save a buck or two.

Do yourself the favor of getting a mistint and you never know, you might get to paint your home an exterior color that nobody else in your state has.

4. Higher Quality Paint

Though it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, the higher the quality the paint you buy, the less it will ultimately cost you in the long run.

A higher quality paint will last so much longer than a lower quality of paint, meaning that you will not have to repaint the exterior of a home painted with the aforementioned higher quality paint for years past the time necessary to paint the lower quality painted house.

5. Borrow Rather Than Buy Equipment

If you do not foresee the possibility that you will paint again soon, there is always the option that you do not have to necessarily buy the long-term equipment for painting the exterior of your home.

You can poll your friends that live relatively nearby and find out if they have equipment that you can borrow.

Alternatively, there are ecologically minded sites where you can request to borrow equipment from members.

6. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

Be careful when you are buying paint that you are not using the wrong paint — in this case, using an interior kind of paint on the exterior of your home.

You might be tempted to think paint is paint, and any paint is fine for anything but this is not the case — exterior paint has its uses and purposes for being designated for the exterior of your home.

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