Benefits of Interior Home Painting in St. Louis, MO

Benefits of Interior Home Painting in St. Louis, MO

Whether you are looking to improve the value of your home from a monetary standpoint or just elevate the quality of your aesthetics, there are many benefits of interior home painting in St. Louis, MO.

The interior of your home can go from drab and dreary to popping fresh and fantastic with just a simple coat of paint.

The difference between the two can be as simple as the kind of paint you choose, the color selection, and even the quality of the paint.

Here are some of the benefits of interior home painting that you might find to be true in your own home.

1.The benefits start with repelling dirt

One might think that there is fundamentally no difference between a bare wall and a painted wall when it comes to attracting or repelling dirt.

This could not be further from the truth, however.

It doesn’t take much thought to come to the conclusion that it is much better to live in a home with less dirt on the wall.

When it comes to repelling dirt, mildew, mold, and the like, a painted wall (even when it is made of plaster) does a much better job than an unpainted wall.

There are paints out there that are specifically made to repel mildew and mold, and so if you are particularly concerned with these you would do well to look for these kinds of paint.

2.Improving the mood

Paint comes in different colors — of course this is the case — but did you know that choosing one paint color versus another can make a difference in the mood of a room?

You can probably imagine that if you paint a room with all grays and blacks, the mood of the room will be much darker than if you paint a room with brighter colors, such as greens and blues.

You can even change the mood of a room by painting one room as a sort of contrast wall and leave the rest of the walls of that room exactly the same.

3.Eliminate old ugly stains

If you have children, you probably are well aware that there comes a time in their life where they suddenly feel the need to pick up a crayon, a marker, or even an actual paint brush with always the absolute worst color imaginable, and make like Picasso all over the walls.

At some point it really is important to say enough is enough and to put behind the marks that are almost always left behind on the walls even after you have done your best effort to erase them.

The beautiful thing about painting the interior of your home is that you get a chance to get a fresh blank canvas, so to speak — and if you choose your paint wisely, you will be able to more easily and without a trace remove any evidence of future artistic endeavors from your young artists.

4.Better your Air Quality with Better Paint

The kind of paint that is used in painting your interior has a huge impact on the quality of your air.

Though one might think that it will be no big deal and that it’s just something that passes after a few days, choosing a Zero VOC paint (Volatile Organic Compound) can make the difference between poor air quality and much higher air quality.

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